Sunday, September 18, 2011

canadian pie company

J has passed by the Canadian Pie Company on Queen East numerous times & this week she finally had a chance to pop in for lunch. J & L are a big fan of pies in general and in the winter will often pick up a Pusateri's beef pie (which they both highly recommend) for supper.

Canadian Pie Company has a wide selection of sweet and savoury pies for dine in and take out. J opted for the chicken pot pie dine-in option which comes with a little side salad dressed with balsamic and sun dried tomato. The dressing was lovely, but the salad was a bit small and limp. Fortunately, the pie was a much better turn out. It was filled with huge chunks of chicken, with a veggie here and there and a thick, creamy roux. But the star was the ribbons of crisp pastry. Pastry that has substance and doesn't nervously flake away at the sight of an impending fork. The only drawback was that the pastry at the bottom was a bit too moist, but since the makings of pies are a mystery to J, she wondered if it's even possible to avoid such a fate?

Since it was one of the last hot days of the year, J opted for the house made lemonade with mint. Although it was well sweetened and refreshing, it was completely lacking in mint. The lone mint leaf floating amongst the ice cubes taunted J for foolishly spending $4

Conclusion: Certainly worth a pop by for a pie

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