Saturday, September 3, 2011


Tried Wvrst on King west for the first time, the latest attempt to reimagine hotdogs for Toronto's Hipsterati. It reminded J of a Bavarian beer hall that she went to in Munich, but with much more modern décor. We've heard it gets busy at night & crowds make us nervous, so we went mid afternoon when fellow sausage munchers were thin on the ground.

L had the turkey/chicken and J had the Italian sausage. Both were fresh and tasty. J really liked the bun, it didn't get remotely soggy and was reminiscent of a really nice pizza dough.

We shared a large order of the duck fat fries which were exemplary. The potatoes were fluffy and we weren't sure what to expect with the duck fat but it gave the fries a slight crisp and seemed to be less oily that than J's favourite fries at Big Smoke Burger.

The large fries came with the option of 2 dipping sauces. There are a whole bunch to choose from (even more than Wvrst currently lists on their website) & after some painstaking deliberations, we finally opted for the mohito and the red pepper. Unfortunately, it was L`s turn to pay & when he went up to the front to place our order he panicked, perhaps intimidated by the piles of uncooked sausage on display, & ordered the mohito & the curry instead. J Loved the Mohito, it reminded her of a sauce she once had with tikka. The cool of the mint and lime without the heat. Curry was not a big hit with L, but then he finds dips as a whole unnecessarily opulent, if not downright bourgeois. 

It would be remiss of L not to mention the beer: As with the dips, and the sausages come to that, there was an almost crippling tyranny of choice, but he eventually went with the Hacker-Pschorr Dunkel Weisse, which was just as much fun to drink as it was to pronounce.

Next time, and mark our words dear friends, there will most certainly be a next time, J intends to upset the applecart & try one of the dips on the sausage itself since she's not a fan of mustard or ketchup. We think we'll also try other sausages. J had her eye on the lamb sausage with harissa and L may give the Venison a whirl.

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