Sunday, September 18, 2011


Every so often, J gets a inexplicable craving for mountains of thick garlicky hummus. This week she dined with a friend who also expressed a hankering for hummus. Jerusalem which is located in the north west end of the city is by far J's favourite place to sate said cravings, but since it's miles away she recommended Tabule.

J & L have visited Tabule a number of times together and have been suprised to find that quality of the food seemed to improve upon each visit.

The hummus appetizer comes with pitas soft and thick. The serving is large enough for two, but most importantly for J, it's also large enough to serve as as a dipping sauce for two for the entrée.

J and her friend both ordered the beef fillet kebabs which comes with rice and grilled veggies. First off the beef is ridiculously tender, flavourful and unlike most kebabs found in the city, doesn't have an ounce of fat or gristle. J wishes she knew the secret to their roasted veggies, there is definitely a hint of oregano, but the rest is a mystery. Also a mystery is the rice. J finds the rice in many middle eastern or greek restaurants is simply an afterthought. However, at Tabule, the rice is more than 
up to snuff with the rest. After much analysis and wild speculation, J's best guess is that the rice is infused with shallot and also appears to have tiny bits of pan fried noodles along for the ride.

Not pictured is their superb mint limeade that you can get with or without alcohol. It's tart and sweet and most importantly, they don't skimp on the mint.

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