Saturday, October 22, 2011

brockton general

J here. Last week I met some friends at Brockton General for dinner. I wasn't sure what to expect. Especially since the blogosphere seems to be mixed on what to make of the place with its barely there reno from a former Portuguese Sports bar.

First off the place is wee, with just a handful of tables. But I was pleasantly surprised to see how humble and clean it was -- "former sports bar" had me a fancying all kinds of grubbiness that I'd have to bravely ignore. 

Having a bit of a thing for anything lemon, I ordered the bourbon with lemon and thyme. Since I've never tried bourbon before I feel ill equipped to offer an informed opinion. But I quite enjoyed the combo and would definitely order again, even though the thyme seemed to be amiss 

On Wednesdays Brockton General offers a prix fixe menu and on our visit the following was on offer for $28. 3 of the 4 of us went with the cauliflower soup, gnocci and the pear galette

The soup was the star of the meal for me. It was thick and creamy, but had a very smooth and glossy texture that I've never experienced with a soup before. The flavours were intense, hard to believe that from a humble cauliflower but it was roasted to perfection with what I can only guess to be garlic. The beat crisp was a interesting mini-break from the soup and has me re-thinking my complete avoidance of any salad bearing beats.

pictured above is the toast with roasted red peppers, capers etc. that our friend ordered instead of the soup. Although he loved the toast, he wasn't too impressed with the concoction in the jar. But boy, it did look pretty, don't you think?

This was a night of many first for me. To date I'd yet to have a pasta without some type of  tomato or cream sauce. I braved the gnocci and was happy I made the plunge. Each ingredient was calling for my attention throughout the meal and together they made for an interesting experience. I'm a gnocci novice but it seemed well prepared to me, with a lovely al dente exterior and a creamy potatoey filling. The squash and tomatoes were ripe and roasted to utter perfection, the olives were salty without being so very punishing as I find many to be. But if I'm being honest, the tastiest part of the dish were the toasted pine nuts which were generously strewn across the plate

pictured above is the pork sausage that our friend ordered that the server told us was made fresh that day. We all got to have a little nibble and I would have been just as happy to have had this plate

We all finished with pear galette and cream. Being a chocoholic, I'm not well versed in desserts with fruit , but I must say this was on par with the first fruit dessert at Avli on the Danforth that had me second guessing my chocolate rule. Best of all, they didn't skimp on the ever so fresh and fluffy cream

Check out their Facebook Page and go soon

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