Saturday, October 22, 2011

island foods

It's J writing solo again. While L had flown off to another city for work, I was tired of leftovers and decided to seek out something new.

Almost a year ago I was busy at work and had no time to go out and grab lunch so decided to crash another team's Christmas pot luck lunch. There wasn't much left by the time I got there but there was a ton of, what I later learned to be, homemade roti. There were two kinds: Chicken with potato and potato with peas. The roti itself was incredible and had that slightly burnt bread perfume that the best pizza crusts and naan always have. The fillings were busting with flavour and although moist, were dry enough to prevent the roti from getting even a tad soggy.

Ever since that day, I've salivated at the memories over and over again and pondered where I could get such delicacy again in Toronto. After searching online, I learned that there wasn't anywhere that folks agreed served great roti. Even still,  I thought I'd give Island Foods ago since I'm in the area sometimes.

While it was fantastic to experience a lovely spongy roti again, it seemed to be a much different style than the first roti that I was so fortunate to taste. The curry sauce was very runny which made the roti soggy after a minute or so. Maybe this is how some people prefer it? I could have lived with that, however the sauce was one of the saltiest things I have ever tasted. Don't get me wrong, I probably like salt more than the average person. I've also had curries from many establishments over the years and the over riding flavour has never been salt. 

That being said, the chicken and potatoes were generously portioned and a much better quality than I expected to receive for my $7 spend. 

While I was eating I had a perfect view of other customers coming through the front door and every single one of them had that wide eyed look of anticipation, you could just tell they were thrilled to be walking under the threshold of the place.  So it got me wondering if the saltiness was a one off mistake? For now, I'm reserving judgement on Island Foods until I can go back and try another dish. Alas, the roti search is to be continued...drop me a line if you have any suggestions

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