Saturday, October 29, 2011


Although Chipotle looks like a fast food chain, they are miles apart from any other fast food establishments. It's their mission to source as much food locally and ethically as possible. They are a company after J's own heart and she sheds a tear every time she watches their company mission video (click here for tears)And the proof is definitely in the pudding, you can taste that their efforts have paid off. 

Both of us, for some puzzling reason are new to Mexican food, and both of us have been amazed at how much we've been missing. There isn't a week that goes by that J doesn't crave the Chipotle barbacoa beef 

J ordered the buritto bowl pictured above with barbacoa which is a slow roasted pulled beef ripe and tangy with herbs and spices. They have many options available, J always opts for the mild pico de gallo and the medium green tomatillo salsa together along with sour cream, cheese and black beans. Every ingredient sings and all together it's shake-your-head-in- disbelief good

L ordered the same in a burrito (not pictured)

Best of all, for a little bit extra you can have fresh made guacamole. The cilantro, onions and lime all deserve a veracious round of applause for bringing the avocado to stratospheric levels of goodness.

Unlike other fast food places, Chipotle are licensed and have a few beers available. And although they are a few dollars more expensive that fast food places, you won't have a greasy stomach feeling for hours afterwards. The portions are even big enough to share (says J. L would like that remark struck from the record). However, we opt to get our own servings which leaves us round and portly enough that we can roll ourselves to the nearest subway station home

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