Saturday, October 22, 2011

liberty noodle

J here again. This week I had some work that brought me to Yonge street so I popped into the Eaton Centre's new "urban eatery" for a bite to eat. I'd given Liberty Noodle a try a few weeks ago and this time I thought I should bring along my camera.

First off, what I love the most about the urban eatery is the lengths they are going to be responsible for their waste. Most of the venues give you real plates and cutlery and they have waste stations where hard working mall employees take all of your plates and garbage and sort it into compost, recycling and garbage. Given the turnover the Eaton Centre has it's an incredible feat and I hope they continue to lead by example and influence other fast food venues

Now onto the food at Liberty Noodle...

This time I opted for the Udon with chicken in a sweet chilli sauce. The udon was as fresh as those that I raved about from Manpuku in Village by the Grange. The sauce had a great balance of sweet and heat, the veggies were generous in size and quantity and although the chicken was obviously not free range, it was fairly well prepared for what is was. Best of all, there wasn't puddles of oil that usually accompanies food court asian food.

They have a non-food court location out in Liberty Village that has a slight different menu that I will definitely try next time I'm in the area.

My first choice in the Urban Eatery will always be Big Smoke Burger with their healthy butcher meats, but if you're not in the mood for a burger, this is your second best bet 

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