Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Café Fiorentina

Cafe Fiorentina opened a short while ago on the Danforth in the space formerly occupied by the ill fated Dash Kitchen. Desperate for a latte but lacking the necessary fortitude to stand in line for 30 minutes in Broadview Espresso, L nipped in there the other week & entranced by the goodies on display, found himself heading back to the car with an unexpected chocolate mousse & a totally unprecedented freshly baked beignet. Sadly the latte was no good at all, but J & L both enjoyed the beignet & (especially) the mousse so much, that they knew they it was only a matter of time until the sweet siren song of delightful treats lured them inside. 

5 days & 15 hours hours later, our resolve finally cracked & we popped in for a lightning quick brunch. L made do with an outside latte he snuck in under his armpit, the cheeky monkey, but J ordered a freshly made sparkling lemonade, the like of which she had never tasted before, & she has tasted many. Made from their own in-house syrup that was gently infused with a hint of mint, J declared lemon love. The lesson being, when life hands you lemons, hand them back & ask life pass them onto the guys at Cafe Fiorentina instead because they really know what they're doing & those lemons would just be wasted on the likes of you anyway.

Normally we would never dream of doing this, but we both ordered the same thing; the tomato & chevre quiche. Is it possible that meaning of life & the key to end all human suffering could be contained within a savory open faced pie of vegetables & cheese in custard baked in a pastry crust? Dear reader, it is not only possible, it is a reality. Get yourself down to this place, order the quiche, disconnect the phone, book a week off work & prepare to have your mind blown. Upon paying the bill the only thing that stopped us both heading straight to the nearest tattoo parlor & paying tribute to this gorgeous morsel by having an artist's impression of it rendered in permanent ink on our faces, was that we had to rush off to Ikea to return a rug which hadn't looked quite right when we had got it home.

We also shared a pork, bean & noodle soup, although J had the majority as clean & crisp as it was, its subtle flavours were wasted on L's jaded pallet. Despite this, even he had to concede that these were some enormously satisfying beans.

The brunch menu also included a couple of panini and a handful of other treats, although whether the menu is extensive enough to tempt people from the Danforth's other more traditional (& vastly inferior) brunch options remains to be seen. Plus, as you can see, it does look a little like the sort of place you might take your gran for an afternoon treat. Go anyway. You won't regret it. And If your Gran isn't around anymore, take us instead. We're old. And we so rarely get out these days...

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  1. Love your review. I laughed out loud. :) I am actually checking this place out on Sunday because I have been on a search for a good beignet. Thanks for the great review!