Tuesday, October 25, 2011

crêpe à gogo

J flying solo again. Since I'm a big fan of savoury crepes I lured a friend to meet me at Crepe a GoGo to give it a try. It's a small place that felt pretty cozy on a rainy autumn night. Adding to the ambiance was the amount of French being spoken by the staff and the other patrons. At one point, I think I was the only anglophone in the building.

The staff were very friendly, even recommending for us to share a large bottle of the limonana because it would be cheaper that way. Speaking of which it was a lovely drink, more mellow than the freshly squeezed variety, but it won me over with its generous sprinkling of mint, sweetness and impressive size for the price. 

After after much humming and hawwing over the menu I decided to go with the Nicoise because I was quite hungry and it seemed to have the most fillings with mozzerella, tuna, tomatoes, black olives, zaatar and basil. 

It no time at all, our server brought them over in baskets, each inside a brown paper bag, apparently they only serve it this way. The server then tore the paper bags along the sides and placed them right into our hands and assured us this was the right way to eat their crepes :) 

And the eating was good. Everything was fresh and the crepe was light and spongy. I liked the herbs and the olives were nice and tangy, I just would have personally preferred a zestier cheese. 

I will definitely come back for a light lunch or snack in the future. But if you are a hungry hungry hippo and have a crushing craving for crepes, I'd opt for Cafe Crepe because they allow you to select (at a cost) additional toppings. 

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